Without a major label or a distribution in the back Send us Childsplay from Vancouver to it’s new CD. The leaflet is full of adulation and quotations. One also speaks of hard work for five years, which will hopefully pay off soon. Great message and well, let's see. The CD player announces eight songs. Everything so around the two minutes. That looks already good. And then actually Seventies Ami-Punk out of the speakers. Rau and angry. Perhaps it is a little too much the vocals in the foreground, but crap on that, because it sounds not bad at all. Also the rest already fits. Too many chords are not needed, there shall be no prisoners. Maybe a guitar solo too much, but overall, an unexpectedly positive surprise. Now where Joey Kiethley of D.O.A. finally goes into politics, Childsplay could be the new punk kings of Vancouver. Oh yes: Cool cover version of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" as an out thrower. From Obnoxious